What a Writer REALLY Needs

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

I took up writing as my hobby of focus because it was the cheapest. I love crafting, and music, and food, but all require ongoing expensive expenses. I thought I was being smart, because hey, all a writer needs is a pen and paper, or just a laptop, Chromebook would do just as well. But what I hadn't factored in, which is a writers most priceless and valuable tool, and the hardest to come by is -- c'mon take a guess - you got it smarty pants: TIME.

A writer needs time. Not just any time, uninterrupted time to get into a state of flow and let the words run through you, instead of you running after them.

Time like that is hard to find, so you do what you gotta do-- you take it. You need to simply steal it. Hide away from the world, shut off your phone, lock your door, put on noise canceling headphones and make the time happen, because in this 24/7 news cycle world, it's not happening by itself.

Good luck!

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