Top 3 Books on Writing

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

I use the word top quite liberally here. What I mean is, of the many writing books I've read these 3 I've found to actually be worth the paper they're printed on.

I've provided (affiliate) links below if you want to purchase the books yourself.

(I do receive a teeny weeny commission.)

3) On Writing Well - William Zinsser. Excellent for the non-fiction writer. Zinsser offers succinct and targeted advice for anyone aspiring to write seriously.

2) Plot and Structure - James Scott Bell. This book is for the fiction writer. As the title suggests he gives you plot and structure. Now some might get indignant and protest that it will lead to formulaic writing. I disagree, because your story will have a solid foundation, you can run wild decorating with your pretty prose.

1) Stein on Writing - Sol Stein. Editor to the stars and writer himself, Sol Stein explores different aspects of writing fiction and non-fiction offering both theoretical and practical advice to writers. I've read this book multiple times. Each time I read a section, it inspires me to get back to work.

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