About ME(ish)

So every website needs one of these.


But really, what’s there to say, I’m kinda boring.


I have a classic “I thought I couldn’t, but I did” story when it comes to writing. And it makes me excited to share and teach others how to write and access their creativity. 

(If you want to read some of my actual work, click here.)


But actual, me, me...ye, I’m boring.


Haven’t really gone anywhere impressive,

Or done anything cool.


My favorite color is green.

I love coffee (ye, you just snorted into yours with that line.)


Ummmm… I love podcasts, been listening to them for over 15 years (yes, that means I liked them before you did.)


I love learning about psychology and sociology and behavioral economics and personal finance.


I hate cooking but I love to read about food. I’m also a really good cook. I’m weird like that, I know.


Oooh, ooh, you know what I love, stories, and dreams, I’m a total yenta who secretly (well not so secretly anymore) thinks I give good advice.



So please, tell me about yourself:

What brings you to this page? 

What are your creative dreams, 

What’s getting in your way, 

How can I help you? 

Or you can just say, “Hi.” 


I’m a real person, who reads every message that’s sent my way,

and I respond to 99.9% of them (the rest are creepy, cuz some

people are that way, I don’t know why.)

My email address is in the top right-hand corner,

or you can write in the chatbox, or on the contact

page - Wow, I must really want to hear from you,

there are three options! I don't give my kids three

options to call me, theres' just one, "MOMMY!!"


Anywho, that’s all folks.


See around the rest of these pages.